Time.com's Top 25 Blogs — the one-page-version

As easy on editors as mindless lists are in print, they're even better online. Time.com has perfected the art with its "first annual blog index," cashing in the magazine's tastemaking reputation on a crassly effective pageview-generating effort. We're mostly jealous we didn't do it first. Fark.com's Drew Curtis sums it up: "That's the point — pick shit people don't agree with, generate controversy, SPREAD THE FUCKING THING OVER 50 PAGES WITH NO INDEX, profit." We suspect if Fark actually showed up on the list — nah, Curtis would still tell 'em they were hosers. Here, we'll make it easy for both you and Drew. Rather than clicking "next" two dozen times on Time's page, just read our one-page version below. That seems easier.

  1. The Top 25 Blogs
  2. The Huffington Post
  3. Lifehacker
  4. Metafilter
  5. TreeHugger
  6. PostSecret
  7. Blog di Beppe Grillo
  8. Engadget
  9. Freakonomics
  10. Gigazine
  11. Ace of Spades HQ
  12. Radosh.net
  13. Gawker
  14. Andrew Sullivan
  15. Velveteen Rabbi
  16. Boing Boing
  17. TechCrunch
  18. Web 2.Oh...really?
  19. The Sartorialist
  20. Daily Kos
  21. The Consumerist
  22. Indexed
  23. Threat Level
  24. The Dullest Blog in the World
  25. Bad Jocks
  26. The Reverse Cowgirl
  1. The 5 Most Overrated Blogs
  2. Slashdot
  3. Jim Cramer Blog on Realmoney.com
  4. Ars Technica
  5. Nicholas Kristof On the Ground
  6. I can has cheezburger