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Once upon a time, a godfather was a man whose chief mission was to guide a child's religious beliefs. But nowadays, it's just a regular guy who's friends with the parents and buys stuff for the kid ... or so J. Lo and Marc Anthony would have us believe. The "Catholic" couple, whose twins Max and Emme were born on February 22, have reportedly asked Tom Cruise to be their babies' godfather. Yeah, you read that right.

Reports claim that Cruise has already bought the twins your average baby essentials: You know, like $200,000 worth of christening clothes and a giant aquarium for their nursery. So why the interest in these particular babies, we wonder?

It's well-documented that L. Ron Hubbard was obsessed with numbers, and the fact that Lopez gave birth to 2 babies on 2/22 seems a little unusual. Also unusual? Choosing a godfather for your children who - at least as far as the public knows - has not been part of your life for more than a year. Oh, and did we mention: J. Lo's father, David Lopez, has been a Scientologist for 20 years. So call us crazy, but either Scientology skipped a generation, or some big-bootied girl, who inexplicably shot to stardom after years of mediocrity, isn't telling the truth about which church she's been praying in for the last decade.