A tipster tells us we're off in picking iJustine as the new host for Jason Calacanis's little-watched Mahalo Daily videoblog, previously known solely for featuring former CNET personality Veronica Belmont. "iJustine for Mahalo Daily? Really?" he writes.

She totally blew the screen test for Big Brother today. She choked, and they had her re-shoot. She may still have a shot, since the casting guys were interested in her 10k followers. Seriously though, I think she's a lost cause for Mahalo Daily.

So if iJustine's out, who's in?

Our tipster thinks Digg founder Kevin Rose's ex-girlfriend Posh Suicide of SuicideGirls has the inside track. Suicide certainly has a camera presence, but can she handle interviews? Judging from the above clip excerpted from her guest appearance on Gametrailers.com, it seems Suicide might have a hard time replacing the goofy but smart and quick-quipped Belmont. But perhaps that's not what Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis is after. Say, does that casting couch feel warm to you?