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Everyone say "Hi Ginny!" We have a feeling we might be seeing this one again. Her name is Ginny Branch. She is profiled in this month's issue of Lucky magazine. The 24-year-old reveals that she prefers to wear clothes from the Marc Jacobs children clothing line because they better fit her petite body (an admission that's sure to earn her some friends among the female population). The problem is, while she was plugging MJ, Lucky neglected to mention that she actually works in the designer's store on Bank and West 4th. Instead, they listed her job solely as "fashion illustrator." Whoops! So much for full disclosure.

But this isn't Ginny's first encounter with Conde Nast controversy. Last month she appeared on a much-maligned blog post written by Rita Konig of sister publication, Domino. Rita was very excited about that new Marc Jacobs store at Bank and West 4th and said so on the Domino blog, celebrating the fact that the MJ boutique moved into the 'hood and booted out a local barber.

She wrote: "So the bad hairdresser has gone and a troupe of young, charming and hilarious people have arrived all working in Marc's shop selling things one might want rather than a bad Hilary [sic] Clinton hairdo."

Well, this raised the ire of West Village residents who wrote in to say that they liked their neighborhood and their bad hairdos just the way they were. Rita apologized for her remark and even implemented a mighty strike-through (!) on the entire paragraph. Anyways, you can still see the original blog post on, featuring a picture of Ginny and a quick plug for Ginny's personal blog titled My Favourite Color Is Shiny. I know, right? Wow. I can't even.