An excited tipster got a pleasant yet sobering view of the world last Friday, when she spotted someone so peculiar, so beguiling that it changed her very idea of reality TV celebrity. There, on the 6 train just like everyone else, was Ramona from Real Housewives of New York City. She looked tacky and desperate of course, but also a bit more human, rumbling through the tunnels with the masses. Full Stalker report after the jump.

9:15am, Friday,April 4- 77th street stop, 6 train. I rush down to the platform and stand next to a petite woman tapping away on her BB. Status Quo for this stop. Train arrives, and we all step in- this petite thing looks up at me,directly into my eyes and lo and behold- RAMONA!! Now, I have lived in NYC for my whole life, and have seen plenty of sightings, but none more exciting than this! She is an enigma to me. At first, there was familiarity but I didn't recognize her. When I did, I certainly did not want her to KNOW I did. Ironically, she stared deep into my eyes almost searching for recognition. You could smell the desperation. We rode together two stops and boy, did i check her out on the sly head to toe. Pointy little boots, tacky orange hued fur coat, bad highlights and mascara boogers! HOMEGIRL is just regular folk- schlepping on the 6 train with all of us- HA!