The forum 4chan is hardly known for its gifts to mankind, but the punks who hang out there do love to serve justice to pedophiles from time to time, in the form of public humiliation followed by ratting them out to the cops. And thats what they're doing right now on this thread about a man named "Reverend Ron Radford" (NSFW). (The chatters are debating whether this is his real name. I mean, it's too perfect.) Hurry and click before the thread disappears, as all 4chan threads do.

A member of 4chan posed as a 13-year-old girl to talk to Ron. In the ensuing dirty talk on MSN chat, the chatter convinced Ron to drink his own urine and play with a dildo, all on webcam. The chatter took screenshots and uploaded them to 4chan.

As long as the screenshots qualify as evidence, Ron could land in jail for soliciting sex from a minor, but that doesn't matter. These kids play a lot dirtier than Chris Hansen and his crew on To Catch A Predator. The chatter (actually "a male of undisclosed age," possibly still under 18) helped other 4chan users gather Ron's personal information. Someone posted links to various possible Reverend Rons, and the 4channers are scouring the pages for contact info to harass him.

So! Is their behavior noble, despicable, or some pervy mixture? DISCUSS.

UPDATE: The reverend himself apparently just entered the forum — or someone just grabbed a photo of him and is playing a joke, which seems more likely.