Three comedians write about things they hate. Targets include Ferris wheels, "White People who try to enlighten Black people about the Black experience," Diet Dr. Pepper, hipsters, and (excerpted below) Mythbusters. Not Hating Just Saying is the antidote to "Stuff White People Like" spinoffs, and it's my favorite blog today.

I'm not hating, but Mythbusters is the dumbest show on TV. I mean the concept sounds cool. Hey, you want to know if Mentos really makes coke shoot up in the sky? Actually yes, I do...does it? Just answer the fucking question - that show doesn't need to be an hour. I don't want to know how you did some mathematical equation to figure out the rate at which it explodes. Who gives a shit?

I don't even want to see you actually make it explode on TV. That show could be like one of those NBC "The More You Know..." public service announcements. Just have Michael J. Fox in a studio say, "You ever wanted to know if Mentos really makes coke shoot up in the air? Well, it does." Shooting star across the screen, and Bam! Show over.