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Bloggers, are you afraid you're going to die after reading that Times article earlier this week? Well, guess what! With the assistance of two new websites, you can set up farewell emails to be sent to your family and friends in the event of your untimely demise. Go ahead, tell them all the things you never had time to say in life because you were busy blogging yourself to death. See details below...

Post Expression: allows you to save post-mortem farewell messages, each one set up with a time-limit so if you don't log in after a certain amount of time, the bye-bye notes are emailed to the appropriate parties. The site's motto? "Death ends a life, not a relationship." operates in the same way. However, the website also encourages you to send time-delayed hate letters to your enemies telling them what you really thought of them.

Disclaimer: If you set up a message and accidentally forget about the time limit, your computer will automatically inform your loved ones of your passing, even though you're still alive. About that time, your boss will be reading your letter telling him what a dick he is and how you and your coworkers once circle-jerked into his coffee.

Don't wait, act now!

[Via Guest of a Guest]