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Just five years ago it was all smiles for the ladies of The OC, what with the joy of being "discovered" and booking magazine covers and enjoying all-around adoration from Hollywood and growing fan bases. But things have taken a turn for the drug-and-flop-filled worse since the show's demise. From Mischa Barton and Samaire Armstrong's recent personal issues to Rachel Bilson's film career, we checked in on the female alum to see if anyone's star is still burning bright.

You may have heard about Mischa's run-in with the law this past December, when the chronic-loving actress was busted for a DUI during the holidays. Now Barton is looking to avoid jail time by taking a plea, meaning a small fine plus three years of probation. As for Samaire, the Dirty Sexy Money star quietly underwent outpatient rehab for "personal issues" back in October, and though she just discontinued treatment, she'll only be returning to the ABC show in a part-time gig. As for Rachel, she recently starred alongside current boyfriend Hayden Christensen in Doug Liman's critical disappointment Jumper. In addition to striking out in her two big screen efforts, she also has to deal with those pesky FOD rumors about her boyfriend.

The only female star who's managed to stay out of the tabloids and steer clear of career suicide? The easily forgotten Shailene Woodley, who played Mischa's boarding school brat sister Kaitlin for only one season. She's signed on for the Juno-inspired Molly Ringwald sitcom being produced for ABC by Seventh Heaven creator Brenda Hampton. Perhaps staying in Orange County only one year was a blessing in disguise.