Every time I find myself in a really divey bathroom, I wanna do blow. Coincidence? Yeah right, according to a new study involving macaques (that means monkeys) and intravenously injected cocaine...

Nicer, larger cages made them choose food pellets over coke more often:

"The stress and the nicer home life reduced the drug response of all the animals, but the detrimental affect of the stress — more drug intake, less food — was more prominent in the subordinate monkeys.

Note that the loser monkeys seemed more stressed! But:

"This is very significant, first, it is a result that could be directly applied to the human situation," Nader said in a statement. "It suggests that a better environment could alleviate at least some of the risk that individuals will turn to drugs. Secondly, we are talking about just a slightly improved living condition. Imagine what the effect could be with higher quality enrichment, such as interesting activities."

Stress, Larger Home Affect Cocaine Use [UPI]