Paris Hilton Wants to Give Us Bunions Just Like Hers

Every girl wants to look like Paris Hilton. Well, probably not, but she certainly thinks they do. The - what are we calling her these days? Actress? Singer? Socialite? - is now also the "designer" of her own hideous line of shoes. With names like "Fierce" and "Hamptons," the shoes are just another step in Hilton's devious master plan to turn women everywhere into her. This comes not long after Paris launched her own line of hair extensions, DreamCatcher. It remains unclear who told the heiress that her own fake hair looked good, let alone encouraged her to sell a cheaper version to the public. As Tina Fey said of Hilton's week at the SNL studio back in 2006, "You would walk down the hall and find what just looked like nasty wads of Barbie hair on the stairs... Her hair is like a Fraggle." Certainly a ringing endorsement for her line!

But now we have the shoes. Paris is famous for her monstrous size 11 feet (which eerily resemble those of the skeletons that hang in biology classrooms), often revealing grotesque bunions from her ill-fitting shoes. And if her feet look like shit in $500 shoes, we can only imagine the foot pain induced by the $80 knock-offs she supposedly came up with.

So what's the next design innovation from Miss Hilton? She's already given the world the opportunity to copy her two least attractive body parts. We can only assume bras are next.


Paris Hilton Wants to Give Us Bunions Just Like Hers


[Photo Credit: Rex]