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In its latest list of billionaire bachelors, Forbes lists Facebook investor and hedge fund Midas Peter Thiel as "single." Technically true, I'll give the magazine's factchecker that much, if it means "confirmed bachelor." Thanks to California's marriage laws, he doesn't have much choice in the matter. In fact, I hear Thiel is getting less single every day. One tipster close to his hedge fund, Clarium Capital, shares this rumor: that Thiel may have hired his boyfriend, Matt Danzeisen, away from BlackRock Securities, thereby discarding plans to relocate the fund's headquarters to New York. Aside from being convenient for the pair, it would seem like a good career move for Danzeisen.

We hear Clarium's holdings are up 30 percent in a year, from $3 billion to $5 billion. For hedge funds, the standard deal is that the managers keep 20 percent of profits, which means Thiel's take would come to $400 million. Has anyone on Wall Street been posting those kinds of numbers lately?