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Jon Friedman's media columns for MarketWatch rarely leave me short on words. But the worst thing I can say about his latest one, which hails Valleywag as a new media creation which he says has surpassed its New York "cousin" Gawker, is that it goes on far too long. 726 words of logorrhea on a gossip rag? Even on a slow news day, that's too much to bother reading. Forthwith, a 100-word version of "How Valleywag trumps Gawker — and enlivens Silicon Valley":

Owen Thomas, the managing editor of Valleywag, has a succinct way of summarizing his editorial philosophy. "Is there anybody I haven't offended?" he asked. Probably not. San Francisco-based Valleywag, a blog that bills itself as a "tech gossip rag," delights in exposing Silicon Valley's pompous and hypocritical icons and publicity-hungry wannabes. "Silicon Valley is built on delusions. You don't have to be a hateful person to report the truth. Some people say Valleywag will stab you in the back. That's a lie. Valleywag will stab you in the face. We say what's necessary."