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Landing somewhere between her "slutty college journalist" from Scoop and her "miscast blond enabler" from The Black Dahlia, photos of Scarlett Johansson's "sexy nurse" get-up in The Spirit leaked online late Tuesday to a bit of mixed industry reaction. Featuring Johansson as femme fatale Silken Floss, the shots appear culled from a wardrobe/hair/make-up test for Frank Miller's upcoming adaptation of the classic comic; as such, distributor Lionsgate (and its lawyers) are up in arms while the rest of us worry about the long-term setbacks to sexy nurses everywhere.

While the pictures do evoke a sort of kinky, Halloween-meets-Abu Ghraib appeal if you stare at them long enough, the expressionless starlet's turn as garden-variety fetish model leaves us wanting more — and not "more" as in "We can't wait to see this," but rather, "Why isn't the mannequin in this mug shot turning us on?" Claiming copyright infringement, reps for Lionsgate instantly issued a cease-and-desist notice to yank the photos, to which the editors at Hollywood Newsroom replied: "They're newsworthy.... Fuck off." See? Now that's sexy.