Yesterday we told you about the Ivy League imposter who transferred from Columbia to Yale, faking his resume and references. Akash Maharaj, a 26-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago, was arrested last fall; he now faces fraud and larceny charges. It was a story of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps gone wrong... until his lurid, baroque tale unfolded further, starring a vengeful Latin ex-lover! It looks like fellow Yalie Victor Cazares, a maybe-probably member of the secret Skull and Bones society that also counts George W. Bush and John Kerry as members, was the one who turned him in.

Chatter on the IvyGate blog about Skull and Bones members says of a one Victor Cazares, "I heard he really destroyed his last boyfriend... and got him kicked out of Yale because he got tired of him — he threatened him with Skull and Bones 'connections.'" (Got any intel on either party, anyone?)

Last summer, the two had a big fight in the Asian American Cultural Center, according to Yale Daily News. Maharaj had lied about his age and other details, and the boyfriend thought to be Cazares was furious. The police were summoned. Various threats from Maharaj, about killing either said boyfriend or himself, were tossed around, and he was hospitalized.

Meanwhile, his lover tattled to a Yale professor about the inconsistencies about Maharaj's identity, which prompted the investigation that resulted in his arrest and ban from the university. (His record at his previous university, Columbia, is spotty: while he did live in the dorms briefly, "it's unclear whether he also may have passed himself off as an NYU student," add the Post).