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Wal-Mart worked with the same small video production company for 30 years to tape internal company events. But Wal-Mart unceremoniously dumped them as a contractor two years ago,so Flagler Productions decided on a new business plan: selling its old videos of Wal-Mart [WSJ]. And the most incriminating ones sell best! Flagler now gets $250 per hour to let people look through their archive, and since all their customers are Wal-Mart haters, the company is pissed. But they can't do anything about it! They were mean and now they suffer. Which is how life should be, for Wal-Mart. Below, one of the finest examples of repurposing footage from the archives: a 1995 meeting featuring a bunch of company managers on stage in drag. I always knew those Middle America types were kinky like that.