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A browse through Defamer's Craigslist Hall of Fame suggests a near-future when all of Hollywood's hopes, dreams and ambitions will be funneled directly through the classifieds. We've never been more certain than we were this afternoon, when an eagle-eyed tipster spotted a real genius — not one of these half-assed Uwe Boll types, but a guy who can actually spell "nanotechnology" — on the prowl for a very generous producer:

I have been called a genius by some of the world's top scientists. I became interested in writing scripts many years ago, and studied screenwriting independently (and intensely) between 1985 and 1990, and wrote two practice feature scripts and ten TV scripts. However, I was living in isolation (as geniuses sometimes do), so had no social contacts, much less connections in the industry. ...

I have managed to interest an investor from overseas via my website, who wishes to remain anonymous and who has 20 M he wants to invest outside his country in some area. However, he would also like a business plan, budget, timeline, etc. He has not specified the entertainment industry, but also has not rejected my proposal of it.

Ideally, if the investor likes the science-fiction business plan, I would like to write or cowrite the first script and then bring in a name director and name actors. I would also like to get a studio involved at some point. So, initially we would need money for me to write or cowrite the script and for a producers fee to cover your costs of creating the business plan and getting name talent.

This is exactly the kind of rational thought that gets people going places in this the industry, where MENSA exiles and other logical types have long sought refuse from the crass life of the mind. We figure this guy, who claims visual effects advances have driven his timely move, already has a few solid leads working by now, but if you know any producers willing to put a $20 million business plan together on spec for an anonymous investor and a dude whom some of the world's top scientists called a genius before he went into hiding to hone his cognitive psychological prowess (which he's clearly put to fine use here), then hey: Greatness awaits. Off you go.