By now, we've all heard the news that Project Runway is headed to Lifetime. In advance of the 2009 launch, Intrepid Defamer Videographer™ Molly McAleer has crafted a touching look at the subtle ways in which the show will change when it leaves its current home on the Bravo Network. Here's a hint: keep a box of tissues nearby. [Molls She Wrote]
· Hot tip! Prince, who was just added to the Coachella bill earlier today, will be playing a surprise show at the Green Door tonight. [LAT]
· The only thing more riveting than Olivia Munn's impossibly shiny hair is the sight of Olivia Munn and her impossibly shiny hair in a bikini. [Egotastic!]
· Slate's Kim Masters adds a bit of intrigue to the Valkyrie meltdown. It seems that, get this, the film isn't even finished filming yet! [Slate]
· William Wegman has done it again! [Goldenfiddle]
· Our friends at Videogum mock the ridiculousness of the Quickfire Challenges on Top Chef. Watch it and you'll find yourself craving Salad On A Stick, promise!