Ever since Julia Allison and Meghan Asha visited the Valley last summer and said in front of various cameras that they intended to find themselves a geek boyfriend, people have described the pair as golddiggers. We know Asha isn't one — why marry for money when you come from it? — but yesterday, Allison told CNET's The 404 that she isn't staking out San Francisco riches either. "If I'm gold-digging, why would you go to San Francisco? There are hedge fund managers right here," Allison said. "And they're getting cash instead of equity in a company that isn't worth anything," b-school graduate Asha chimed in. After the jump, Allison digs a deeper hole:

Allison has a beef with Ruby on Rails, the popular if controversial programming framework behind sites like Twitter. We can't tell if she's putting Patricia Handschiegel's tips for women entrepreneurs into practice — or making all the mistakes Melissa Gira Grant warned against committing when picking up geek guys.