Natalie Portman's New Boyfriend: Loveable Hippie Or Serial Killer?

When we first saw pictures of Natalie Portman walking through New York with her new boyfriend, we initially thought Nat had started volunteering at her local homeless shelter, acting as a mentor for one lucky (and possibly blind) hobo. But then they made out. So who is this caveman-esque guy and what on earth is Natalie thinking? While at first glance folksy singer Devendra Banhart hardly looks like a pretty boy, we found some far more flattering shots of Natalie's new arm candy with his guitar from years ago. And even if Devendra's put on a pound or two since they were taken, we still had to do a double take and make sure we weren't looking at photos of Jim Morrison himself. Judge for yourself after the jump.

Natalie Portman's New Boyfriend: Loveable Hippie Or Serial Killer?

But just as we were ready to forgive Devendra for his silly name and give our stamp of approval, we read that his latest album was called Little Boys. And he really does sing about...little boys. As Banhart told Stereogum, he "watched the movie Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys, about NAMBLA...swimming in my head was the idea of a song about a schizophrenic hermaphrodite with the male and female physical characteristics in one body." And suddenly that shaggy beard and set of piercing dark eyes looked less Morrison and more Manson.


[Photo credits: Ramey via People, Wikipedia, Rantsnjibes]