Cameron Diaz And Jason Patric: Caught In The Act Or Just Caught Acting?

Just when we'd finally erased those awkward on-set pictures of Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn kneeling in the sand from our memory, Cameron Diaz has swooped in to kiss a co-star on the beach and remind us. Photo agency JFX snapped photos of the boy-crazy Diaz manhandling long-forgotten former hunk Jason Patric into a makeout session on the set of their film My Sister's Keeper, while co-star Sofia Vassileva looked on. And normally we'd assume Diaz and Patric were simply filming a scene, but the severe lack of make-up and styling, not to mention the severe presence of Jason's plumber butt, suggest the cameras weren't rolling at the time.

Cameron Diaz And Jason Patric: Caught In The Act Or Just Caught Acting?

Judging by Cameron's Uggs, Jason's visible pudge and Sofia's far-from-camera-ready sunscreen face, we have to doubt the possibility that this scene will make its way into the movie. Not to mention the pair's shocked glares upon realizing they'd been caught in the act. Plus, this is Cameron Diaz we're talking about. Since the trauma of splitting with Justin Timberlake, Cammy's been fond of flinging herself from fling to fling (most recently she's been linked to 300 star Gerard Butler). Whatever Diaz and Patric are doing, we're not nominating them for any "Hottest On-Set Hookup" lists any time soon.


[Photo credit: JFX]