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While Google, Microsoft, News Corp., and AOL fight to get a piece of Yahoo, the target's internal turf wars are turning ever more vicious. It's a lovely side effect — for us, at any rate. The latest slagfest hit Yahoo VP David Pann, whom our tipster describes as having been in charge of "Panama marketplace optimization" — tweaking the sale and placement of ads to make them more profitable. But no longer. Our tipster says Pann has been "shunted off to a quiet corner" and replaced by "his archrival," VP Mark Morrissey, pictured. Pann's already had his revenge, however.

Before he left, Pann rewarded his team for all of Panama's renowned successes with promotions for one and all. Now Morrissey is stuck with power-tripping incompetents, our tipster suggests, who "rarely spoke to any customer during Panama and caused disaster."