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Casting directors for Paris Hilton's new reality show were hard at work in New York this week trying to find contestants for her new reality show Paris Hilton's My New BFF. Only it seems that they couldn't rustle up many contenders who want to be her bestie. The eternally excited magazine OK! has the report.

But the scene outside Nikki Midtown earlier this week didn't exactly resemble the thousands of hopefuls you'd see lined up for a shot of American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance. Actually, it didn't even resemble a half-price latte sale at your local Starbucks.

"There were less than 40 people there," one audition insider tells OK!. "There were girls wearing matching pastel prom dresses with Swarovski crystal pendants and updos, ghetto-fabulous girls and two goth-inspired girls with bleach blonde hair, pale makeup, eyelash extensions and leather clothing."

Listen, you hold the audition at Nikki Midtown, who do you think is going to show up? It was likely just a bunch of B&T girls who'd just come from prom and had their Hummersines take them over there for some dancing and jello shots. In reality, nobody was probably there to audition for the show. Because the idea of spending time with Paris is about as appealing as that bunion-on-'roids recently photographed on her foot. (Go ahead and smear your eyes with Vaseline before clicking on this one, folks. It is an experience not to be viewed in HD.)