Paramount plans to sell old movie clips for a buck each, says the Post. "Hollywood's answer to the ringtone" is available on Facebook and a virtual world called "there" (no, seriously) but Paramount plans to offer the clips as "video ringtones." That's a stupid idea as I'll explain below, but first let's go down the list of films Paramount is selling clips from, by showing clips already available on YouTube.

Top Gun:



Mean Girls:


Forrest Gump:


So much for the computer market; now for phones.

Am I the only person in the world who keeps his phone in his pocket and doesn't stare at it while it rings? Or is everyone going to start not picking up the phone because they want to watch ten seconds of Top Gun instead? I'm guessing video ringtones will never take off like actual ringtones, but I just don't understand why anyone important at Paramount thinks they will.