This one sort of goes without comment. "Are you a gay actor looking for a beard? Then look no further. This B/C list actress from at least two very hit television shows is willing to be your beard for a price. Apparently this actress has been approaching actors at parties who the public perceives as gay or are on the fence about and is willing to be their girlfriend for a price. The thing is it gets even better. She is offering more than just the services of a single woman in her 30's to act as a girlfriend. See, our actress is married and her celebrity husband is completely on board with the plan. Their idea is that any guy who can break up a marriage or at least appear to break up a marriage must be straight, at least in the eyes of the public. Meanwhile, the gay actor can enjoy fun times with our actress' husband who happens to like playing on both sides of the fence. This just has win/win written all over it doesn't it." [Crazy Days and Nights] A few more items after the jump.

  • "Which rising young actress was informed at a recent film party that Jane Fonda wanted to meet her? 'I don't give a [bleep],' came the jaded response. [Gatecrasher]
  • "Which celebrity is so paranoid about making friends she forces potential pals to tell her a joke to see whether they are worthy of being seen with her?" [Mirror]
  • "Break out your umbrellas and stay out of the splash zone, Super Duper Cooper strikes again. Our sexed-out insiders are spilling about some other naughty boudoir behavior SDC has been up to besides becoming an Olympian at preorgasmic water sports, ugh." Read the rest of Ted Casablanca's gobbledygook at E! Online.