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Last night was a special one as NBC's Thursday night primetime players officially made their post-strike return, and we hope for Sarah Larson's sake that George Clooney wasn't watching. As many of you will recall, Jan and her implants made a nightmarish appearance on The Office, dousing Michael's condo with scented candles and every other kind of annoying "feminine touch" imaginable. And as a source tells OK!, Clooney's arm candy is guilty of the same behavior while George is sadly still promoting box office dud Leatherheads out of town:

"It's still very much George's place, but she's got her clothes there and she thought [Jo Malone scented candles and fresh flowers] would be nice."

But how does the Norton-y actor feel about all the girly smells wafting through his home?

According to OK! George is simply delighted. As Clooney is fond of reminding the entire world, he once had a pet pig named Max. A pet pig! Because he's quirky! And though Max is now trotting around Celebrity Pet Heaven, his aura still lingered in the form of odd smells. And Clooney "has been joking to his hotelier friend Rande Gerber that finally his home...smells good!" We just hope Sarah and her cocktail waitress friends don't go too wild shooting Penthouse-esque photos and levitating above fireplaces, leading to a scented candle inferno.