In an obvious publicity stunt, comedienne Kathy Griffin recently stepped out with Britney Spears' former gentleman caller, Adnan Ghalib. The two drove around in his silver convertible, had lunch and shopped at Victoria's Secret. We sense the dark hand of Pop Fiction, Ashton Kutcher's new reality show that sends celebrities out in fake bumps and bald caps and chronicles which gossip outlets pick it up. So sorry Ash! There will be no zooming in on this blog post while trumpeting, "The blogosphere FALLS FOR IT AGAIN!" But feel free to go on over and screengrab Entertainment Tonight. They seem to have bought it.

Of course, Griffin (Is she funny? Is she annoying?) has been dating Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak since last year and even discussed their sex life on Larry King, inspiring daymares across the nation for weeks. The couple were also recently featured in Us Weekly claiming they're "so in love"!

Expect this outing to be addressed in Griffin's next stand-up act, which we imagine will go something like: "Oh please, people. Like I would unclamp my vadge from Wozzie's peen long enough to go have sex with Adnan? Let me tell you, I'm never letting this guy go. Literally. I've been doing my Kegels to keep him inside me. He couldn't leave if he tried. You know what I'm saying, ladies? Gays, I'm talking to you! Heeeeeey!!!" [gays collapse into hysterics]