We were always a bit confused when Sarah Jessica Parker touted her no-nudity clause throughout all six seasons of Sex And The City, considering how often her character would appear in three-inch long skirts and see-through tops that left nothing to the imagination. Despite being the only actress out of the four leads who never technically revealed any T&A, we still walked away from the show with a near-perfect idea (unfortunately) of what SJP looks like naked. So why break out in a rash and put on earmuffs at the very mention of the word "sex," a word that's come to define her entire career, in this clip from last night's Conan?

When we heard the Smart People star uncomfortably discussing how incredibly uncomfortable "intimate" talk and even hearing the word "sex" spoken aloud makes her, our confusion overwhelmed us yet again. How could someone so prim and proper have spent years chatting about blow jobs and even more years dating someone like Robert Downey Jr.? She doesn't like "the tone" or "the subject" of conversations involving sex? Learning that the executive producer and star of the HBO show would never even watch it hardly increases our appreciation for a program whose legend is based around the open dialogue it created for women to air their opinions about the "vulgar"ities of intimacy. Are we the only ones?