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It's rare that a reality show performs a true public service, but if this new Miss Rap Supreme show on VH1 can actually uncover a single talented female rapper, it would be doing America a favor. Think about the current status of our most famous female MCs: Lil Kim went to jail, Foxy Brown went to jail, Remy Ma is going to jail, and Lauryn Hill, the best of them all, is behaving like a crackhead. Who are young women supposed to look up to, public intellectuals? Ridiculous. I have high hopes about the idea for the show, which is the logical demographic successor to last year's painful version, The White Rapper Show. MC Serch is back (and still employed)! And he's finally teamed up with Yo-Yo! Miss Rap Supreme premiers tonight at 10. I have no idea whether any of the girls on it are good rappers or not, but they do look reliably crazy, which is half the battle. The full trailer, below.