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Personalized homepage startup Pageflakes will be broke soon according to sources cited by Om Malik, though while CEO Dan Cohen admits the company is for sale, he denies that it's running on empty. The company, founded in 2005, has raised a total of $4.1 million but with a reported $300,000 monthly burn rate and scant revenue, it does sound like just a matter of time. A few weeks ago I went to meet an acquaintance at a company party in SOMA. So I didn't look like a total idiot, I tried to access the site to see what the company was all about just in case — and got a page not found error. Which I'm still getting today. Must be hard to generate income when users can't even access the site. Update: Brad Greenspan, the guardian angel of failing companies, will add Pageflakes to the roster of companies LiveUniverse will probably continue to mismanage reports TechCrunch.