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Looks like last week's news that the Britney Spears Comeback Tour were showing signs of slowing down were more prophetic than we thought. On Saturday night, Spears was on her way to break bread with her semi-estranged mother Lynne when she rear-ended a Nissan that stopped in traffic in front of her on the 101. The cause of the accident? Britney was applying her makeup while driving:

"The guy she hit...says before the accident, he was admiring the white Mercedes and the woman putting on makeup while driving it. It wasn't until after she hit him at an estimated 10-15 MPH that he realized the woman was Britney."

More details on the gurney-less accident after the jump.

So did Saturday night's fender bender mark the return of The Package? Or did Britney's car just tap the one in front of her, but her celeb status led to mountains being made out of molehills? Taking into account the fact that the accident occurred on a Saturday night in "stop and go traffic," plus the minor speed with which Spears' Mercedes was traveling, we're giving Britney the benefit of the doubt. Also, the guy driving the Nissan has no injuries (his back hurts, though!) Our only concern is in regards to Britney's behavior at the scene: the star reportedly "giggled" while performing her sobriety test. Funny!

[Photo credit: X17]