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We now know the kind of woman Jimmy Wales goes for: brunettes who appear on Fox News and have conveniently troubled Wikipedia entries. In January, the founder of the world's greatest online list of unusually shaped vegetables was courting Canadian controversialist Rachel Marsden with sex-fantasy-laden IM chats. But at the same time, Wales was also playing the gallant on Star editor-at-large and former Fox News late-night pundit Julia Allison's Wikipedia page.

At issue was the photo used on Allison's page, which she deemed unflattering. "I have contacted her to ask for a photo, so we should have that sorted pretty soon," he wrote in January. All business, of course; why would Wales have any personal interest in sorting through photos of Allison? But let's say he was hoping to win Allison's affections too, in exchange for his services on Wikipedia. This at the same time as he wooed Marsden? If so, one can only gawp admiringly at Wales's ability to multitask.