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In the latest flimsy edition of Barbarella Will Be Remade (No Really We Mean It) Quarterly, perennial cover girl Rose McGowan grabbed another opportunity to swear on a stack of imaginary scripts that she is super-seriously-definitely reprising Jane Fonda's original role in the long-gestating Robert Rodriguez do-over. And it is a do-over according to McGowan, who gets her critical faculties (and probably a few tempers at Universal) in a lather just thinking about it:

McGowan, for one, can't wait to step into those knee-high boots, calling herself a big "fan of the original." Any pressure to live up to the legend?

"The original doesn't have a lot to go on plot-wise. It's one thing to do a remake of something that could have been much better storywise even if it was fantastic visually. It's another thing to remake something flawless," McGowan said. "That way if yours isn't that good at least yours is better than that one."

Having sufficiently lowered expectations for whatever slight audience this film had in the first place, the shrewd McGowan also gushed about all the work apparently in progress: sets, costumes, even "part of a spaceship built for me!" Her most important point, however, that SAG's looming June 30 strike deadline will forestall production — that dodgy part where movies are actually filmed, with scripts and budgets and other actors — for at least another three months means we can count on her next reassurance right around the low ebb of the summer news cycle. God forbid we'll be waiting.