Seeing as you've still got almost 36 hours to cobble together your taxes, feel free to blow off those forms and join us in crunching some numbers that really matter: This weekend's box office returns:

1. Prom Night — $22.7 million
We could sit here and spit with resentment over the windfall greeting this PG-13 slasher knock-off, but what's the point? OK, OK — besides protesting against the continued ruination of more than 2 million teenagers who've never seen a good mainstream horror movie. And besides lamenting the certain incentive for Prom Night 2. And besides... all right, fine, we're spitting with resentment.

2. Street Kings — $12 million
Fox Searchlight took a gamble opening wide with this Keanu Reeves/Forest Whitaker cop thriller, which found scorn among critics and audiences alike. Consider this the last time the Searchlight gang ignores the sage advice of distribution wunderkind Scarlett Johansson.

3. 21 — $11 million
The surprise hit sustained in the top three in its third week of release, bringing its gross to more than $62 million and guaranteeing a slew of teen-oriented gambling films that will alternate opening weekends with its Sony/Screen Gems' Prom Night franchise.

4. Nim's Island — $9 million
We have yet to meet anybody who has actually seen this movie, thus convincing us it's really just a vast Walden Media conspiracy to make George Clooney feel bad about...

5. Leatherheads — $6.2 million
For the second straight week, Clooney establishes himself as the A-list actor/director who can't outperform Jim Sturgess (21) or Abigail Breslin (Nim's Island). Only the Nipple Suit represents a greater indignity — for now.