Cheap Ads For Cheap Airline Lure CheapskatesRyanair, the cheap European airline that you used that one time you got drunk on vacation in London and said "Dude, let's just go to fucking Dublin RIGHT NOW," is in a spat with regulators over the quality of its ads [NYT]. Well, not exactly the quality—they suck, obviously. The ad pictured got Ryanair in trouble with the UK advertising authorities because it "appeared to link teenage girls with sexually provocative behavior." Maybe true, but it also appears to link Ryanair's advertising department with one guy who has only a pair of scissors, a book of clip art, and a Xerox machine. And when the regulators tried to crack down, the company responded: hell, all these newspapers are dens of iniquity themselves! Our ad fits right in!

"The picture of a fully clothed model which appeared in a number of U.K. tabloid newspapers can hardly be deemed to be offensive when many of those same newspapers carry pictures of topless models and adverts for sex lines, etc.," Ryanair said in its complaint to the Office of Fair Trading.

The company promises to continue operating, making ads, making money, and charging markups for every single pack of peanuts they distribute no matter how peeved the advertising authorities get. They are shameless about using any news peg, including terrorism, to sell their cheap flights. It's the capitalist dream come true! Now please enjoy this bonus tasteful ad:

Cheap Ads For Cheap Airline Lure Cheapskates