Hillary Clinton will do her awkward, vaguely joke-ish all-in-good-fun routine with Stephen Colbert this week, which might be more entertaining than her last 500 talk show appearances, as politicians are rarely able to figure out how to be "in" on his joke without saying something regrettable. The news was broken during Colbert's interview last night with Hardballer Chris Matthews, who seemed, honestly, a broken, beaten-down, exhausted shell of his usual self. Seriously. He barely got a word in edgewise and at one point, when discussing his boyhood dream of being a Senator, he looked on the verge of tears. Did last Sunday's amusingly embarrassing Times Magazine profile... actually embarrass him? Nothing else ever has! We think there are serious, fundamental problems with Chris Matthews' world-view and imagine he's probably irreparably damaging the way we conduct democracy but obviously we have nothing against him personally, so we hope he feels better soon! The uncomfortable interview is after the jump.