Amy Winehouse Shows Us Why Family Time Is A Whole Lot More Fun While Drunk

Let's play word association for a moment. When you think of Amy Winehouse, what other fun images come to mind? Needles, empty bottles of gin, trash-strewn apartments, maybe? If you're in a particularly imaginative mood, perhaps stashes of white powder hidden in sweaters? Us too. But among the drug paraphernalia and gravity-defying hairdos we normally associate with the troubled songstress, cute chubby-cheeked babies do not spring into our heads. Putting Amy in the same room as an infant doesn't seem like the wisest of moves, but the Brits like to live dangerously. And as this picture shows, they just don't see any harm in letting the music industry's most notorious addict down shots while singing drunken lullabies to their newborns.

Amy Winehouse Shows Us Why Family Time Is A Whole Lot More Fun While Drunk

During a break from recording her next album with uber-producer and future Lindsay Lohan brother-in-law Mark Ronson, Winehouse relaxed in a park with friends in the middle of the day during a rare sun-filled afternoon across the pond. And her friends had no problem depositing their bundle of joy in her bony arms, which is initially a comforting sight. Until one "male friend" offered Amy a mid-day shot, which she guzzled down one-handed while her other hand was busy propping the baby on her hip. And she didn't stop at boozing; observers say she was in between smoke breaks as well. But really, who could resist an afternoon shot of "melon-flavoured Midori"? We could be right in the middle of a nursery school sing-a-long and still find it difficult to resist such a fruity-sounding mood enhancer.


[Photo credit: Xposure via Daily Mail ]