(Black) Obama Linked To (Black) Rappers In B——, Hoe Scandal, Says Race-Blind Conservative Publication!Scandal alert: Barack Obama has been complicit with rappers since at least 2006! He has collaborated with their nefarious aims! It's all there in a sordid report from Human Events, which lays bare the undeniable ties between Obama and individuals who have released albums containing rap music at one time or another. He hasn't rebuked them or repudiated them or even renounced them! Not even "foul-mouthed rappers" like Will.I.Am! Not even when, throughout the rap industry, "folks talk so openly and regularly about b———, n——— and hoes"! Yo Evan Gahr of Human Events, can you please drop some knowledge on these muhfuckas?

The rappers have good reason to praise Obama. He has at times been an apologist for their "music." His complicity with rappers dates back to at least 2006.

Late that year he met with the rap giant Ludacris in his Chicago office. Ludacris, who Pepsi dropped as a spokesman in 2004 after Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly exposed his putrid lyrics, said afterwards that Obama felt like family to him. In March 2007 Ludacris, whose hit songs include "Move B——," headlined an Obama fundraiser in Atlanta.

Obama even recorded a voice over for a new album out this June from rapper Q-tip. Will it contain lyrics like these sonnets from another Q-tip song? "Close the door, 'ight let a n—— rock. Cause we 'bout to eat real s—-, not s—- slop."

Further research indicated that those weren't even in proper sonnet form! And that Q-tip is black!

Obama thus far has equivocated on rappers. He has criticized their language, but adamantly refused to denounce the whole sordid genre as the unique cultural problem that it is.

He refused to denounce De La Soul's 3 Feet High And Rising even after it was pointed out that one of the group's members has been photographed in baggy jeans!


Where else but rap do you hear words like these from Obama supporter Jay-Z in his song "99 Problems?"

Now once upon a time not long ago

A n—— like myself had to strong arm a hoe

This is not a hoe in the sense of having a p—-

But a p—— having no God Damn sense

Besides Jay-Z, Obama has also won support from rap mogul Russell Simmons, rapper Nas, whose new album is titled "N——-" and 9/11 conspiracy theorist Mos Def.

All confirmed rappers. Except Russell Simmons. Coincidence?

It's high time the media ask some tough questions. Why has Obama collaborated with rappers? Is he familiar with their words? How could he not be? The senator's spokesperson said that when he and Ludacris met the two men found common ground on AIDS prevention. How do you find common ground on sexual behavior with someone who calls women "b———?"

Ludacris and Obama both like b———!


Evan Gahr, shut your bitch ass up, hoe bag!