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Why does online advertising only account for about 6 percent of Madison Avenue's total spend? In part, because packaged-goods advertisers — such as Procter & Gamble, with its $1 billion per year ad budget — don't spend much on search marketing. But during a panel at the Ad:tech conference in San Francisco, Andrea Redniss, SVP at agency Optimedia, said one way Google and Yahoo could get more of that packaged goods advertising money is to sell search marketing as a response and measurement tool for offline media campaigns. What does that mean?

Advertisers want to know how and if consumers are reacting to new TV commercials. One way to tell would be to watch for how and whether consumers are searching online using product names, slogans or ad copy. The hold-up? Sales teams for both Yahoo and Google aren't laying claim to the money advertisers are willing to spend on that notion yet because, according to Redniss, they're too stuck on hawking pay-per-click advertising.