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When a Chicago subway train got stopped for an hour in a tunnel yesterday morning, riders there did what many of us have thought of doing many times, but have not for fear of our lives: they got out and walked. That is just awesome. Less awesome: when officials heard people were walking along the tracks, they shut down power to the entire line as a safety precaution (for third rail zapping possibilities), which automatically stranded thousands more riders. It's a grassroots revolt ethical quandary!

The rest of the riders on the line then had no option but to walk out, which left some of them stranded underground for hours. Everyone agrees the Chicago Transportation Authority failed miserably, but opinion on the righteousness of the self-evacuating riders is split. I think most people who have been stranded on packed subway cars would say: righteous indeed. Or maybe: selfish pricks. Philosophers are welcome to weigh in. Subway officials can go to hell.

[pic of Superwoman evacuee looking incredibly spiffy after traipsing through a subway tunnel via Chicago Tribune]