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Richie Sambora has long struggled with his addictions—themselves a natural response to the stresses of occupying one point on a messy Hollywood love pentagram whose details we can never quite get straight. (We think he was briefly married to David Spade before a bitter divorce led him directly into the arms of the Just Shoot Me star's former BFF, Heather Locklear.) But now, the Bon Jovi guitarist is facing far more serious matters, as Orange County officials are reportedly looking to slap the recently DUI'd Sambora with child endangerment charges:

Police are asking the district attorney to file a misdemeanor child endangerment charge against Richie Sambora, who had two children in his car when he was arrested for investigation of drunken driving last month. [...]

Calls to Sambora's publicist and the district attorney's office weren't immediately returned early Wednesday.

Regardless of how sensible your alcohol-soaked intentions to chauffeur your children to 6 a.m. soccer practice via a little-known, Hummer-assisted shortcut through a local playground, there is simply no excuse for putting your brood's lives so flagrantly at risk. Whatever the legal outcome, we truly hope this latest chapter provides the very most rock-bottom moment for the the revolving-door rehabber, and that we don't later learn that Richie himself piloted the maiden voyage of the Sambora Family Party Jetways' non-stop service to the Wynn Las Vegas's rooftop landing strip.