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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, basketball legend, humanitarian, and LA Times blogger, turns 61 today. And he's not just sitting back quietly writing children's history books and skyhooking $100 bills into the garbage can; he's asking for a little birthday love from his readers! You are instructed to "send a detailed note to Kareem's manager if you can help make his birthday wishes come true." I would think he could take care of the "tropical vacation" out of his own pocket, but maybe not? After the jump, his wish list, and how YOU can help.

1. I would like a quiet tropical vacation. Beach access is a must.

2. I would like to see a favorite Martial Arts film, Dragon Inn, which has not been seen since the early '70s. (UCLA Films Archive.)

3. I'd like to do a trail ride on the Colorado Continental Divide trail for a few days. It's a beautiful trail that runs the length of the state of Colorado.

Email to make this poor man's dreams come true!