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After all her fun-filled DUIs and failures to properly account for them, we expect nothing but the nastiest quotes to drip from jailbird Michelle Rodriguez's mouth. And most recently, she's directing her curse-filled anger towards we, the media. As the SCRAM bracelet-wearing actress tells Latina, anyone who dares to hypothesize about her sexuality and whether she likes girls or boys is just plain "slime":

"What the majority of [people] want to know is what I'm doing with my vagina, and I think that that's sick. What do you care who I'm dating? I can tell when somebody just wants to know about sex. And it makes me sick."

More of Michelle's assertions on why we shouldn't care if she "fucks a dog" after the jump.

As for how Rodriguez imagines the members of the media, she doesn't hold back in her interpretation: "I picture them turning into pigs, slime coming out the side of their mouth, and I picture them jerking off." Jerking off? Well sure, don't we all from time to time? Even you, Michelle? As for slime coming out of our collective mouths, Rodriguez might want to consider the fact that any celebrity's career, especially one as slim as Michelle's, is often (dare we say) bolstered by mentions in the press. Would anyone out there have even thought about the Lost refugee since her character's fatal blow were it not for all those pictures of her sporting that fashionable ankle bracelet at last year's Marc Jacobs show (above)? Finally, Michelle voices her opinion that "If I wanna fuck a girl, a boy, a dog - that's my business. That's why there's bathroom doors." Yes, because the next time we overhear Rodriguez getting busy with a black lab in a club bathroom, we cross our fingers and hope to die that we will never, ever tell a soul. No big deal.

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