What can Facebook, MySpace, Google and the rest do better to sell advertising to big buyers like Target, Coca-Cola and Cisco? Cisco's Web marketing director Michele Gibson told an Ad:tech crowd yesterday that Web publishers could make it simpler to purchase large lumps of targeted inventory in one go. With TV, she said, "you can get a million dollars worth of advertising in one phone call. With targeted ads, it's too complicated."

Target's ad buyer, Stephen Dwyer, said the Valley needs to better educate buyers by sharing data. Coca-Cola's Tara Scarlett agreed and added that website owners have to explain to ad agencies who their users are and why they're valuable. Or, as two ignorant bloggers explained to David Spark at last night's Revision3 party, "Ad buyers, they're like junkies. And the people who sell advertising are like drug dealers. Facebook needs to better explain how to pack the crack pipe and smoke it."