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Promiscuous hipster investor Jakob Lodwick is once again looking to score for free. "Basically, if you want to work your ass off for me a few days a week," Jakob wants you for his music startup, Normative. Noting Lodwick's post-IAC riches, Tumblr'r Corinne offers this rewrite of his ad:

Here's how this posting should really read:

I am seeking someone with currently high in demand skills to help me build something I hope to make a profit from for free. I am able to invest in websites including muxtape and tumblr, but not the people needed to build them.

Specifically, marketing and distribution can now be achieved at less than one percent of the old cost - especially when you get free labor.

I want to support musicians retaining control of their work while you web minions give me yours for lunch and a subway ride. Try not to think of how I pay my rent while you struggle to pay yours.

When one puts it like that, how this offer serves anyone's rational self-interest is beyond us. (Photo from Nick Gray)