Back when Chelsea Clinton was a little girl, she was, to the press, the only "off limits" member of the Clinton family. Now she's an adult, and actively campaigning for her mother, and acting more or less like any other Clinton surrogate with her public appearances and politicking. And everyone still treats her with kid gloves, and gets very upset when she's spoken to like any other campaign operative. It's all quite condescending, but whatever. She can handle herself. Look how nicely she deceives: "'There was some talk in the media about whether it was true or whether it was not true,' she said. 'Her family has said it's true in the interim, but what matters to me in the following story is that no one ever doubted that it could be true in our country. So here's the story we heard . . . .'" That's a beautiful way to introduce a lie, isn't it? [LAT]