As some of us tear down the institution from within, others continue to build it up from without. I am speaking of you, dear commenters, who may bicker and snipe but in the end mostly say funny things that make us happy. So, as we mourn the faithful departed, let us also celebrate some of those who linger on. After the jump, find six of the week's best efforts.

  • From Bell County in Anderson Cooper's Dolphin Trainer:
    "Only his bottlenose for sure." [Denton's pick]
  • From BaconCat in The Pinnacle of Sitcom Rap:
    "What most people don't know is that that song was written by the world's greatest composer: Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern -schplenden -schlitter -crasscrenbon -fried -digger -dangle -dungle -burstein -von -knacker -thrasher -apple -banger -horowitz -ticolensic -grander -knotty -spelltinkle -grandlich -grumblemeyer -spelterwasser -kürstlich -himbleeisen -bahnwagen -gutenabend -bitte -eine -nürnburger -bratwustle -gerspurten -mit -zweimache -luber -hundsfut -gumberaber -shönendanker -kalbsfleisch -mittler -raucher von Hautkopft of Ulm. To do justice to this man, thought by many to be the greatest name in German Baroque music, we present a profile of Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern -schplenden -schlitter -crasscrenbon -fried -digger -dangle -dungle -burstein -von -knacker - thrasher -apple -banger -horowitz -ticolensic -grander -knotty -spelltinkle -grandlich -grumblemeyer -spelterwasser - kurstlich -himbleeisen -bahnwagen -gutenabend -bitte -ein -nürnburger -bratwustle -gerspurten -mit -zweimache - auuber -hundsfut -gumberaber -shönendanker-kalbsfleisch -mittler -aucher von Hautkopft of Ulm." [Hamilton's Pick]
  • From Bos'un's Mate in Worst Vogue Cover Since the Last One:

[Pareene's Pick]

Your Party Pick this week went to Conbon for his work in Marc Jacobs' New Boy Fends Off Unwanted MySpace Buddies:

"He refers to Franklin as 'F Town?' God, I wish he were from Bellows Falls, Vermont.

Because, well, I'll let you figure it out."

Good work everybody.