We're bringing Glaring Omissions back! We get so many missives each week, that some things slip through the cracks by accident or completely on purpose. Today we have three little bits for you (just gaining momentum, I swears). Shotguns, marriages, and a Real Housewife await you after the jump.

  • "Friends of mine, who work at Victoria's Secret, have been emailing me about the 'housewife' Alex, from 'Real Housewives of New York City', who claims to be "a high-powered career woman". Apparently, she's just a freelancer in the graphics department, working for VS's beauty division - and when she tried to get access to the Victoria's Secret offices for Bravo to film her in action, she was met with a resounding NO! I've also been told that co-workers bet on a daily basis, as to how horrible/tacky her outfits will be that day."
  • "My friend was on the L train this morning and apparently they arrested a guy (total hipster kid by the way) who had a shotgun in his backpack and there was a possibility of a bomb!"
  • Someone forwarded this email to us, for some reason: "Funny you should say the beach, yep that is our plan. hawaii, very small and quaint. The entire trip for everyone invited is paid for by him. His name is [redacted] (haha) he is from [redacted], went to harvard and is a venture capitalist. he makes SERIOUS $$$$. I'm talking in the hundreds of millions. he has 2 pvt lehr jets, one of which he asked me to pick out the interior color. (I chose gray) anyway, honestly $$ in his case matters very little. he is the sweetest most amazing man i've ever met. We met on match.com believe it or not. he found me actaully. His first email was titled: Hola from san fran. amongst all the emails i got daily i found his to be the most sincere and kind. so we started chatting and then phone calls and he asked me to marry him!! i'm in the process of picking out my ring. pink, princess cut 7 carat set in platinum. i have to out do [redacted]'s ring from [redacted]!!! lol did you know she is also getting marrie d?? we're trying to plan it so we are pregnant together. this whole thing is i'm sure very amusing to all who know me well. I never thought i would meet the man of my dreams and here I am. I can't even believe it's happening to me to be honest i have to pinch myself. I am THE luckiest girl in the world. He also has a horse running in the derby this year (we think) we find out tonight if it's in or not, i will let you know. if so i am going to be on TV in the owners box. I don;t think the horse is a favorite but we'll see it's name is [redacted]
    So life is grand!! what about you?? whats up??"