His unkempt email inbox has won Michael Arrington a sympathetic writeup in the New York Times. An audience at today's Startup School at Stanford was less impressed by the TechCrunch editor's obvious disorganization. He bragged onstage about working on his presentation while Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos spoke, and swore when his computer froze. He then got angry as a student helped him restart his Mac, displaying a desktop in disarray. (Check it out, captured on Flickr: Among other things, you'll learn that Arrington is a TurboTax user.) An eyewitness report of the debacle:

Mike arrington is speaking and swore on stage after his computer froze. Then a kid tried to help him and when his computer started up again and showed his messy desktop he got mad at him.

He said he was working on his presentation during Bezos's talk. Bezos, Paul Graham, everyone else was prepared except for him.

Arrington just said every developer should have their own blog. He says that he will talk about people that link to him. He also says everyone should use Twitter and Digg like him.

Then he started to say people should stop writting the snarky, trolly comments on his blog. He spent half the presentation talking about we should blog post, use Twitter, and comment on TechCrunch.

He is the worst speaker of the day by far. Really arrogant, kept name dropping. He had the worst reaction from the audience.

(Photo by k7lim)