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MySpace has a new ad boss: former marketing head Jeff Berman. News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch canned the last one, Mike Barrett, for his inability to reach aggressive revenue targets. To avoid the same fate, Berman seems to have decided to follow a strategy we've heard MySpace has been following since at least last fall: Copy Facebook page by page.

Today, for example, MySpace will announce a self-service tool advertisers can use to manage their branded profile pages on the social network. Last fall, Facebook announced a similar feature to allow brands to promote "Facebook Pages." We expect the cloning to continue. At Ad:tech last week, MySpace's top U.S. sales guy, Bryce Emo, told us that advertisers have seen a "backlash" from users who are sick of seeing ads in Facebook's news feed. "But there's always going to be some backlash," Emo said. "It's something we might do later, too." In other words, MySpace plans to copy Facebook's mistakes, too.